Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sick, sick, sick - green goo - sick

So much for posting everyday in November. I'm now 3 days behind and who knows when I'll catch up.

Spice caught a nasty cold. It started with her nose running on Monday, progressed to green goo running out of her nose on Tuesday. I've been dosing Sugar and I up with Airborne - trying to avoid catching it. But it caught me yesterday afternoon and took Sugar down last night.

I swear watching a cold come on is like being stalked.

This is a nasty one. Lots and lots and lots of green goo. Plus burning throat, itchy ears, tight chest, and bubbly stomach. It's not pretty.

Thank goodness for Saint Aunt!!! She let us stay with her last night because I was just too tired to make the trek home from Brooklyn. And she kept the girls today while I tried my best to tackle the huge pile of work that's threatening to swallow me whole.

The Bull thought he was getting off from work early and said he'd pick up the girls. Now he's working until 8:30 or 9PM. So I have to drag my itchy-eared, burning-throated, tight-chested behind up out of here and make the trek to Brooklyn. I'm not coming back tonight. I might not come back until tomorrow night.

Anyone ever see the blob?

I think I've been swallowed up by it.



Yolanda said...

I remember the blog- scariest thing my 5 year old self had ever seen hehe. Hope you can get out of your blob and back into tranquility. Feel better soon

Yolanda said...

woops the BLOB even- blogs don't scare me :)

Ros said...

Urgh! Hope you feel better soon. And I swear garlic pills work really really well -- at least for me they do. I take 2 every 3 or 4 hours when the first cold symptoms hit, and I have never gotten beyond the scratchy throat stage when I do that. The only catch is -- TMI warning -- really stinky gas. But I'd rather be toxic for a couple days than sick for a week. :-D

The Bear Maiden said...

That green goo thing is STILL kicking my ass. And the Sun's too.

Fat Lady said...

Yolanda, I'm cracking up. I was so fuzzy headed when I read your comment that I kept thinking, "How old is she that read a scary bloG when she was only 5yo?" And then I kept trying to wonder what kind of blog is scary - Maybe Dick Cheney has a blog?

Ros, I forgot about garlic, and ginger works well too. And this evil bug comes complete with plenty of stinky gas - so garlic couldn't make it any worse.

Oh, dear Bear Maiden. Well, I guess I have to forgive you for passing this on to us, since you're still suffering too.