Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Not much of anything...

I just need to write something so I don't miss a day. I'm tired. Having a hard time staying awake at night these days. I've tried to post about a few different things, but I just can't focus or stay awake long enough to get anything done.

Today was a pretty good day. Managed to get dinner cooked at a reasonable time. Putting chicken in the oven when I got home from taking Sugar to school really made a difference. I think just knowing in the morning what we're going to have for dinner makes a difference. I really need to make a monthly calendar of meals.

Did two loads of laundry too. Which is a major accomplishment for me.

The down side is that I got almost no work done. Running in and out of the house to move the car really sidetracked me.

Hopefully tomorrow will be much better. Though I have some running around to do and I won't have the car with me to get it done. They're shooting 30 Rock in my neighborhood and are taking up all the parking spaces! I managed to get a spot on a street that won't be blocked off tomorrow, so I can't move the car. It's probably good for me - and the girls.

Sugar has a birthday party that's about a mile and a half from our house. I could take the subway or the bus, but I think I might walk. Sugar will complain, but Spice will love it - she LOVES to walk. I really wish I had a bike seat for Spice; it would be great to ride bikes there - especially if the weather is like today.

Oh well, walking will be nice too. We'll just have to leave a little extra early.

I really want to get in shape. I want to do stuff with my kid that it's really hard for me to do.

Sugar was jumping rope with her friends in the school yard today, and I wanted to jump too. I finally gave it a try and was able to jump a little more than I thought - but not much. Sugar was SO excited for me to do these things that she can do. I want to do more with her. Then, while walking through the park with LilacBlue and I decided to see if we could still do cartwheels. Neither of us were to great at it - but not much worse than our kids. But I remember when a cartwheel was a breeze, nothing to even think much about. It kills me that just one left me with pain in about 5 different parts of my body. Yet another good reason to get in shape.

OK. Well, I guess I've fulfilled me writing quota. Now I need some sleep.

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Mom said...

I've found that monthly lists put too much pressure on me. I get mad at the list (silly, I know) because what is on it is not what I want. What I used to do was have a list of all the meals we ever ate and then before I would shop, I would plan a menu for 2 weeks and then shop for the stuff I needed to complete that list. Now we pretty much eat the same 10 things so I buy what I know I need and then make a memu based on what I have. Instead of two weeks, I only do a week. Life is much happier now that I'm not killing myself trying to plan menus crazy far in advance :)