Friday, November 9, 2007

Have I completely lost my sense of humor?

Totally lazy day today as Sugar, Spice and I tried to recuperate from the attack of the green goo. After spending another night at Saint Aunt's we were all piled up together on her sofa. Spice had me going through the alphabet on Starfall, and Sugar was sitting on my feet and reading the comic strip in the newspaper. I was completely loving seeing Sugar reading the comics. That's something I loved to do as a kid, but it seems like with computer, TV, video games, etc. that just quietly reading the comic strips in the news is something kids don't seem to do much. I get nostalgic sometimes and it makes me all giddy to see my kids doing the things I enjoyed as a kid.

Later on, when I started dragging myself around and trying to motivate myself to get the girls together and go home, I noticed the paper lying open to the comics page and one comic in particular caught my eye.

I'd never heard of The Flying McCoys before today, so I don't know if this is typical for them or not. But I DID NOT find it funny.

Now, I don't know, maybe I'm missing something. Maybe the green goo has rendered me over-sensitive. But to me, this comic looks like it's poking fun, making light of date rape. I don't see what's funny about that. I definitely do not see how it's appropriate to be in a section of the newspaper that I would guess is still read most often by kids.

Tell me I'm being dense, over-sensitive, something, because I think I'd prefer that rather than for this comic to be just what it appears to me.

I mean, I tend to laugh a little when people get bent out of shape over edgy humor. The whole "Read a Book" BET video and the Sarah Silverman in blackface thing don't exactly sit right with me - but I see the intent behind the humor and I think it's always worth it to get past the knee jerk reaction of being offended to consider that the creator might have been trying to say something half-way worthwhile - even if it came out pretty twisted.

But I can't see any of that in this cartoon. Some one help me out. Have I lost my sense of humor and perspective?


Ros said...

It's not funny, although I believe the artist was dumb rather than malicious. Sean reads the comics too, every morning, and I love it! I have to read GARFIELD because he likes it. Blech.

The Bear Maiden said...

I don't think it's funny at all. Some things don't lend themselves to humor, and to me, date-rape is one of those things.

However, I thought "Read A Book" was freakin' hilarious. And true. And dead-on in a sardonic/cynical sort of way, but wasn't particularly mean.. The end part (about "brush your teeth", "wear deoderant") was less funny, but the whole concept of "Read a Book" is something I wish I could shout to people as I listen to asinine conversations on the subway. Or on the corner of 'Two-Five and Madison. Or in the vicinity of any "urban" high school.

I missed the blackface thing. I don't particularly like Sarah Silverman cuz she's mean, and I don't like mean humor...