Sunday, November 11, 2007


OK, so I haven't had anything to say here about Heroes because I've being getting my fix of it on The Caffeinated Librarian and Racialicious, and even the Bear Maiden's blurb on the top of her blog.

But, something has been nagging at me. This whole idea of Mohinder killing Noah Bennet, just isn't sitting right with me.

So I've been looking at the series of 8 paintings. My first theory - and now after just staring at the paintings again on Heroes Wiki, I'm not sure this theory holds up - is that the 7th and 8th paintings actually show Mohinder killing Bob - not Bennet.

I do feel like the return to showing Bennet's ruthless side is a set-up to prepare us for him dying. He's become such a central character that he needs to be less likable if he's going to bite the dust. But, still, I'm not ready for him to go and I don't see myself being ready anytime soon. Somehow he's still the glue for me. The connection with everyone. Maybe Adam/Kensei is going to take over that role. But I don't see it being the same. I see Adam/Kensei as more of an orchestrator/manipulator than an observer and conduit.

I've heard people say they think that Mohinder doesn't actually fire the gun. but in this picture, the horror on his face and the position of his hand, say to me that he has really pulled the trigger.

Before I really looked at this picture in still form I thought it could be Bob. But really looking at it, I don't know, maybe it's just wishful thinking. That square jaw is much more likely to belong to Noah than Bob.

Even though I think that Mohinder pulls the trigger of a gun, I'm not sure I think that it's Mohinder's firing of a gun results in a man with glasses being dead.

See, this is why I don't usually do this sort of thing. I go around and around in circles and end up no where. maybe Mohinder kills Bob, maybe Mohinder kills Bennet, maybe Mohinder doesn't kill anyone. Yeah, that's real decisive of me.

I think I would just like to see Mohinder kill Bob because it would show me that Mohinder actually has grown his balls back. One of the things I liked about Mohinder in the first season is that he was willing to do what he thought was right - he would chase things down, put himself out there and go for it. He followed his own inner voice rather than listen to what others told him to do. Now he's just a big old wimp. He's either doing what Noah tells him or what Bob tells him. He's so damned indecisive. I want him to take control of what he's doing again.

The other thing about Heroes that's been capturing my imagination lately is trying to figure out if there are more familial connections and what they are. I'm wondering if the reason the Company can find all these people so easily is because they know exactly who they are because all the people with powers are related to the "original heroes." So that sends me on this long twisted path - was DL the son of Charles Deveaux? What about Monica's mother? Is Nicky/Jessica Adam/Kensei's daughter - or maybe granddaughter, or great granddaughter.

And that leads me to a larger possibility - that ALL of the heroes are descendants of Adam/Kensei - hence the name Adam. Oh, that fits. That would explain why he and Linderman were trying to kill off everyone else. Then Adam would repopulate the world with his descendants - making him the first man.

I can't wait to see how this all works out. I'm definitely looking forward to Monday's episode to find out more of what went on during those four months.

And, just to throw one last thing out there - why do I have this nagging feeling that Kaitlin is a little more than she seems and that we haven't seen the last of her.

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The Bear Maiden said...

I firmly believe that Claire and the Flying Boy will be responsible for Bennett's death. Isnt that Claire in the picture? and the guy holding her could be the Flying Boy since he already has a thing for hoodies and masks.