Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This is NOT Poetry

I HATE MY JOB!!!!!!!

I hate my boss.
I hate his clients.
I hate that I put up with all their BULLSHIT.

I hate late nights.
I hate half-assed layouts.
I hate doing 3 weeks worth of work
in 2 days
I hate that CRAP is
what is expected and accepted.

This is me, sitting at my desk working on some ridiculous crap that was once a good idea, but is now nothing but 80 pages of annoying drivel that keeps me too busy to sleep, clean my house or spend time with my kids, my man or myself.

I hate too, that I have myself immersed in all this negativity. I do believe there is a better life out there for me. The reality is, I don't want a job anymore. I want satisfaction. I want to make money doing things I love. And I'm going to have that. So, I'm going to focus on that while I wade through the nasty, foul putrescence of the work I'm doing now.


The Bear Maiden said...

Bwah hah hah. It's about time you bared your soul. Feels good, don't it? Why do you think I have a label "Things That Piss me the F* off". LOL.

MysTery said...

Prayer works.

Keith said...

Seems like poetry to me. The kind that we can all relate to. The kind that makes you nod and say to yourself "yeah, i know what she means."