Wednesday, July 11, 2007

In the Lap of Luxury

Spice and I have found our way back to one another and she is, at this very moment, relishing in curling up in my lap and nursing to her hearts content.

I know you're not supposed to compare siblings, but I do it all the time. I just can't help it. Whenever Spice does something that surprises me, I find myself thinking about what MamasGirl would have done at the same age.

MamasGirl would have knocked me down and demanded to nurse immediately when I walked in the door. Spice did a prat-fall - one of her favorite jokes is to fall down on purpose - rolled on the the floor and yelled, "I fell dooooooowwwwwnnnn!" Then she ran around and acted silly for a while, and finally demanded to be picked up and carried around, "I carry you, Mommy. I carry you."

We sat down and ate dinner together - her grabbing stringbeans, turkey and noodles off of my plate. And then the Bull and I took her with us to the store to get diapers for her and allergy medicine for MamasGirl who was groggy from a nap and sneezing her head off. Spice chattered on and on through the car ride there and back. We said goodbye to the Bull who went back home - the girls and I are staying with Saint Aunt most of the week- went back inside and ate a little more food and still Spice hadn't asked to nurse. I almost started to think that she wouldn't ask. That she would be content to just skip it. But she asked, and I gave.

Now, this morning, she's back in the groove - actually more insistent than usual - I know because she making up for lost time. And because she's tired. She didn't sleep as well as usual the night we were apart. It was a little rough for her.

So, I have this little baby/big girl (this age is such a caught in the middle one) curled in my lap. It's hot and humid and I should feel uncomfortable at the physical contact, but I don't. It's like having a part of my body back.

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