Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mistaken Identity

For reasons I cannot completely understand, TheBull is more and more regularly mistaken for actor Michael Clarke Duncan. It's hilarious. People have mentioned it here and there over the last few years. But the incidents were few and far between. But lately it's becoming a regular thing. Someone recently walked into my parents' house and saw a picture of us on the computer's screen saver and immediately asked if that was "that actor."

We were introduced to someone recently who told TheBull, "Hey has anyone ever told you that you look like..."

And just today, TheBull was stopped on the street in lower Manhattan by a group of tourists who wanted to know if he was, "that guy from that Stephen King movie."

That's usually what he gets - "the guy from that Stephen King movie," or, when they actually remember the name of the movie, "the actor from Green Mile."

If he really was Michael Clarke Duncan, I'd think he should be offended, because no one ever remembers the name of the actor.

The funny thing is that we, the Bull, Sugar and I, just don't see it. Other than the most obvious attributes of bald head and skin color - there is no resemblance as far as we're concerned. Even the shape of their heads is entirely different.

What do you think?

Honestly, I really don't get it. I think TheBull is much better looking and has a much nicer smile - but obviously, I'm biased. If there's a famous person I think TheBull does look like, it's director John Singleton.

But really, I think he just looks like himself.

It's funny, though, how people tend to see one or two obvious traits about a person and will then compare them to someone else.

Another example of this is the fact that most people think that Sugar and Spice look much more like me than they do like TheBull. I will admit that they do bear a resemblance to me. But they also have many of his features - and most people don't notice that at all. They see light skin and dark curly hair and swear that the girls look nothing like him.

And yet they have his eyes and his chin and Sugar's lips are more like his than mine.
Both girls even have a tendency to raise one eyebrow like he does.

I really think the girls are a perfect combination of TheBull and I - they got the best of each of us. But most people don't see it. But I guess I could fill a book (or a blog) with the things most people don't see.


Doulala said...

Is he big and tall like MCD? If so, then I could kinda see how some people might see a slight resemblance. ;-)

Your girls are absolutely STUNNING! Just beautiful! They should be since they have such great looking parents.

Ros said...

Well, when you factor in how so often stars look different IRL without movie makeup . . . I could understand people making the mistake, especially if they're going by memory & not seeing a photo of MCD nearby. But DEFINITELY the girls look like both of you.

The Bear Maiden said...

I commented the other day but it got eaten. And my comment was that it had never occured to me that he looked like MCD, but when I scrolled down and saw the pix I laughed out loud! Cuz he does! And he IS big like MCD, but I think it's more the "niceness" factor that comes across both of their faces. They have nice auras.

And I'm sorry but that little one of yours is your twin. I don't see TheBull in her ATALL. Sugar, yeah, she's daddy girl but that little one is your other head.

Hey, when we were kids everybody came up to Poppy cuz they thought he was Richard Pryor. Poppy even signed a few autographs, lol.

The Muser (aka Beautiful Mama) said...

Oh, my, how beautiful, beautiful, beautiful your family is! :)

(found your blog through facebook).

The Muser (aka Beautiful Mama) said...

Hi again! I just posted a comment on your "Life Sucks" blog but then realized that I don't know if you go back to read comments on previous posts, so thought I'd comment here on the siblings post. I really, really appreciate your honesty about this. I just posted something this morning asking parents for feedback on what having multiple kids has been like for them as I'm trying to decide whether or not to have a second. It's really good to know of your experience. Having been through BAD sibling rivalry myself, I imagine that your little ones will come out of it in their own time, especially given how hard you're working with Spice on it. I was the eldest and SERIOUSLY resented my brothers, especially the one born right after me. We still sometimes have weird sibling rivalry stuff...But we've also been able to be important support for each other. It sort of goes in waves. And I think a lot of it has to do with how parents deal with the resentment and sibling rivalry (mine did not deal with it well...). Best of luck. I hope you'll post about the conversation and that you're able to have some really good time to really hear Sugar and her concerns and also be honest with her about yours. Sounds like you're dealing with this well.

Elizabeth F. said...

I think you are right. You hubby definitely is better looking than Michael Clark Duncan and looks more like John Singleton. But, honestly I think he even has a better complexion than Singelton.

It's the same way at my house. Some people see me with my kids and say they look JUST LIKE ME...and all I say is, "You haven't seen my Hubby." I say this beacuse 2 of my 3 kids look EXACTLY like him. It's weird. People always just want to give their opinions....LOL!

Elizabeth F. said...

P.S The Eliptical and Dr. Phil are my best friends at 9am in the morning. he..he...