Monday, May 26, 2008

Love my Camera

The Bull gave me a camera for Christmas. It's a little Canon digital elph. Basically, little more than a point and shoot.

Originally, I was a little disappointed. I'd wanted something with a little more control - something I could experiment with, more than just take snapshots. I thought I couldn't play with this camera the way I wanted to. I contemplated returning it, but then decided to just live with it.

After a while I started to like it better, but I still didn't feel like I could play with it. But it took great, easy shots so I was happy. Then I lost the battery charger and couldn't use t for about a month or two. I finally got a new charger last week. And I started taking pictures again.

And I discovered the macro features on the camera - both the regular macro and the digital one. And now, I am REALLY having fun. I've discovered I can play around with this camera much more than I originally thought. So I'm just going wild!

Here are some examples of what I've been playing with:

Next post, I'll have to show off what I did when I discovered the "night" feature.


The Bear Maiden said...

*Beautiful*, chickie! I LOVE the one of Spice. That is SO her, lol.

Your Macro works way better than mine... :( I also like that your camera is so much smaller....

Ginger As in Green Tea... said...

I was thinking the same thing about the macro on my camera, bear maiden. Very nice. I want to get pictures of that of flowers but still can't get my macro setting to do it, and I have a Canon as well.

Fat Lady said...

Thanks guys! You two actually inspire me quite a bit. Ginger, I love the pictures of your family and how it seems you just naturally incorporate picture into everything you do.

And bear maiden, you know I love your pictures, both on and off your blog.

Tina Rogers said...

YEAH!!! Snap snap snap away! Great pictures. I'm looking for a camera too, so you like this one??