Friday, May 30, 2008

The Beach

I spent the day at the beach yesterday. Almost all of the classes in Sugar's school headed out to the Beach and I (and a bunch of other parents) decided to tag along.

One of the parents made these yummy rice and tofu pocket things. I know - doesn't sound very good, but it WAS.

I saw horseshoe crabs mating. And lots and lots and lots of hermit crabs.

There's actually another crab under this one!

I saw some other kind of crab half buried in the sand. I think it might have been dead, but it was beautiful.

There were lots of ladybugs - of all things.

Spice LOVED the water!

And my friends sang Happy Birthday to me.

So starts the next stage of my life. This is one of those years that feels like a pivotal one. I certainly started it as such. I refused to stay in and work. I did what I could early in the morning, emailed the work out and then let it go. Turned out fine. The client accepted part of it - and did what they wanted for the rest. And I didn't really care, because I was spending my birthday at the beach with my friends and my kids - which is where I really wanted to be.

I had wanted to be in a certain place when I hit this age. I had wanted to already be reaping the benefits of taking care of myself. That didn't happen. But I woke up yesterday knowing in a way I never have before that taking care of me is something I HAVE to do. And that time is running out to do it. So I put me first. And it felt good.

Maybe I'm growing up.


The Bear Maiden said...

I, for one, was SO glad you came out for your birthday. I would have respected your solitude, but birthdays are for sharing... and I'm honored to have shared with you on yours...

Happy Birthday, my freind!!!!

Elizabeth F. said...

I think I have finally overcome martyrdom and am ok with doing what I need and want to sometimes. I spent years NEVER doing anything for myself because of guilt or even having time for myself or a date with my Hubby. Balance is good.

And if it's your B-day, you have the perfect excuse! HAppy B-day.