Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Mom, over at Mom's life (Carrie is that you?) tagged me. It's my very first time being tagged and I'm both excited and scared.

I'm supposed to share 5 things about myself and I'm a little nervous about being interesting without being too scandalous.

At first I thought I would make this exclusively a boob related tag and share 5 interesting things about my breasts - but once you get past their size, and the early age at which I developed them - there isn't much more to say. So, I'm throwing in a couple of other random facts about me as well.

1. My first bra was a 34B. I still remember what the fitting room looked and smelled like. I was 8 years old.

2. Once, pre-kids, I was curious about how much my 38DDs weighed, so I put the scale on the counter, and weighed them. One came in at 8lbs and the other a little under 9lbs. I haven't tried it again since then, but I figure considering how much I've grown with each child - I'm carrying at least an extra 20lbs in boobage.

3. My current bra size is 38HH or I or maybe even J. To be honest, I haven't been fitted since right after having Spice. I was a 38H then, but those bras have long since been too tight (yes I know - what am I doing with 2+ year old bras?) so I'm guessing I'm somewhere in the I to J range, but the one bra I have in that size is both small and so weirdly constructed I can't figure out if that's the nature of the size or if it's just a really bad bra.

4. My mother was a Playboy Bunny. Not a Playmate, but a Bunny. Playmates model nude in the magazines, Bunnys (I'm pretty sure in this case the multiple really keeps the "Y" rather than being "Bunnies") were basically specialized waitresses in Playboy Clubs which no longer exist.

4A. One of my first Halloween costumes - when I was about 6 or 7 was an authentic Playboy Bunny costume - complete with the tail, name tag and ears - though not the high heels -
thank goodness.

4B. I once had a conversation with a friend trying to figure out why there are so many things I don't know about being able to keep my home clean and orderly. She said that there was so much she learned from her mother - who was a stay at home mom and not only ran her house well, but consciously taught her kids how to do so. I said, "Well, my mom was a Playboy Bunny." And my friend's response was simply - "That explains it all." We decided that whenever I see lapses in my domestic knowledge, all I need to say to myself is - "My mom was a Playboy Bunny," and that would pretty much allow me to let myself off the hook.

5. And for something completely different - My first love is acting. I started out as a theater major in college and acted in a number of plays in school - including one that we brought to NYC and performed Off-Broadway. For many years I felt more comfortable on stage than anywhere else. Even though it's been close to 20 years since I've been on a stage I would guess that if I got back up on one to perform I would feel more at home and at ease there than I've felt in any other circumstance in the last 20 years. I suspect Spice has the same bug. She will barely speak to people, but whenever she's gotten close to a stage, she's climbed up on it and strutted across it like it's the middle of the living room. And when we walk in the park, every rock, hill or platform of any kind becomes a stage and we all have to stop for an impromptu performance.

Oops. Almost forgot I have to tag people....let's see.... of course I have to tag Bear Maiden and I will also go tag Green Tea Ginger, Mocha Momma, The Professor, and my good friend who roars - the rules are, you have to share 5 things about yourself, tag 5 more people and provide links to them in your tag, plus let them know by leaving a comment on their blog with a link to your tag.


Leucantha` said...

Hey dropped by via Mocha Mommas. I have some large baggage up front too. : ) Last time I bought bras it was an H. I see you are a strong supporter of Breastfeeding. I don't understand why anyone is against it. Seriously, no mess, no cost and it is beneficial. It's a no brainer. My mom wasn't a playboy bunny but I think I will try that excuse anyway.

Jennifer said...

I haven't had a chance to tell you how much I like your site. I'm thinking about my five things now so I'll be able to blog about it. Love you. Keep up the fascinating blog.

Mom said...

Yes, that is me :) Are you suggesting that I should have bras NEWER than 2+ years old? The bra I have on, I bought when I weaned C at 18 months. He'll be 7 in October. The other bra I have I bought right bfore I found out I was pg with Lizzie and she'll be 3 in May. I actually still have at least one sports type bra that I had in high school and my 10 year reunion is coming up in May. I don't like bras and I wear them as infrequently as I can get away with. I hate to buy them even more than I hate to wear them so I only do it when dh threatens to take one away and burn it if I don't get a new one(which he did to one of my old nursing bras that was to the point that it had so many holes in it, I didn't need to unsnap it to be able to nurse in it) LOL