Sunday, February 10, 2008

Things I Just Don't Understand

How people can believe that spanking is the most effective form of discipline. OK, really, I just don't get spanking. I've learned to accept the fact that people I love and respect spank their kids because they think it's necessary. But I just don't understand it.

How any Black, gay, Hispanic or female person can vote Republican.

How it is that the nicest people can't find anyone to date - and yet the most vile, narcissistic, heinous freaks will manage to string along two or three really nice people at a time.

How George Bush had two terms as President.

Why it's impossible to hear ones own voice the way others hear it.

Why people don't seem to notice the wild, crazy look in McCain's eyes. Really - that dude is off his rocker.

Why the BMI doesn't take build into account. Certainly my 20lbs worth of boobs entitles me to weigh more than someone who is the same height but flat chested.

Why it is that so many men feel more like man when a woman treats him like a child.

How come so many things that are supposed to make a woman look sexy make her look like a pre-pubescent girl.

Why it is that so many people who believe that the ideal is for a woman to stay home with her children also believe that welfare reform should include getting women to put their babies in daycare so they can get back to work.

Why the decisions and policies for public education are most often made and set by politicians rather than educators.

I think this will be an ongoing list. These questions pop into my head all the time - and I've decided why not put them out there and see if anyone can give me some kind of reasonable answers for them.


The Bear Maiden said...


Ros said...

2nding bearmaiden's LOL. There are logical answers to some of your questions, but I've asked them all too.

You know I can't resist at least one answer! BMI IS stupid for someone built like you. You need one of those electrical impedance tests that measures body fat percentage, cause we know you've got some serious muscle & bone in there.