Sunday, October 28, 2007

Special Abilities?

I've gotten hooked on Heroes. And in the process, Sugar became curious and is now hooked as well. I was a little hesitant to let her watch, but finally broke down. So, is it any wonder that Sugar has decided that having special abilities looks like a good thing?

Friday morning she says to me, "Mommy, I really wish I had psychopathic powers."

I smile and start, "Uh, no...," then the Bull interrupts me and says, "Baby, you already have those."


The Bear Maiden said...

Tell her she can be on my team and between the two of us, LOOK OUT PEOPLE! :) Cuz you know I got those psychopathic powers m'self :).

Doulala said...

Heroes is my favorite! I'm so hooked that I bought last season's DVD set.

Angelika said...


That reminds me of my niece. I used to talk to her mother on the phone and find out about my niece's day. Then I'd talk to my niece about what she had done.

When she'd ask how I knew that, I'd say "I'm psychic."

One day I said "So you went to the park today?"
She - How'd you know that? Oh, I know. You're psycho.