Monday, October 1, 2007

Con Artist

Spice cracks me up.

Saturday morning she discovered a box of chocolate Bunny Grahams in the kitchen. She demanded them, "I want Bunny Grahams." I told her that she could have them after lunch - not for breakfast, and offered her a peach instead. She fussed for a while, but then accepted the peach and I thought that had been put to rest.

About an hour later, the Bull came in from his regular Saturday morning tennis game. He sat on the couch and here comes Spice, carrying the box of Bunny Grahams - "Daddy, I want Bunny Grahams."

I stopped her and said, "Hey, don't con Daddy. I already told you, no Bunny Grahams until after lunch."

Spice stops and looks at me, then she looks at the Bull, finally she turns to Sugar who is sitting nearby at the computer and says,

"OK. I con Sugar. Sugar, I want Bunny Grahams."


Ros said...

WAHHAHAHAHAHA! I love that kid!

The Bear Maiden said...


Yeah, you got problems! :)